International Journal of Computer

Security & Source Code Analysis

Aim & Scope of IJCSSCA

This open access international journal aims help researchers to remain current on innovative research, new tools and technology, secure code practices and techniques for handling web vulnerabilities. Recently there has been considerable research which brings together more than one of the subjects. Scope of this journal is not limited to topic of interest. IJCSSCA publishes original research papers and review papers, as well as auxiliary material such as: research papers, case studies, technical reports etc.

Topic of Interest:
Digital Forensics,
Malwares and Virology
Web Security and Privacy,
Smartphone and its Security
Cloud Computing and Security,
Network Security, FPGA, NIDS, Firewall
Data Warehousing, Datamining & Webmining
Source Code Analysis and Software Engineering
Parallel Copmuting, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing
Wireless Networks

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